Zeolite & Fulvic 2oz Dropper
Zeolite & Fulvic 2oz Dropper
Zeolite & Fulvic 2oz Dropper
Zeolite & Fulvic 2oz Dropper

Zeolite & Fulvic 2oz Dropper

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Combined powerful humic fulvic minerals from the Earth itself with other healing compounds, to create powerful bioavailable formulas in each of our products.

mineral synergies- in Black Earth Minerals,the broad spectrum of over 70 trace and ultra traceminerals (as well as major minerals in trace amounts)working in concert with organic humic and fulvic acids.

Greater bioavailability- both humicasnd fulvic acid act to transport nutrients across cell membranes. The trace mineral spectrum they arenaturally accompanied by activates numerous enzymeand other reactions throughout the body.

More alkaline ph- Both science and traditional medicine agree - a more alkaline human bloodstream is conducive to better cellular and overall human health.. Humic fulvic minerals, as well as manyof the other ingredients in Food Movement formulas, help to contribute to a more balanced microbiome


  • CONTAINS ZEOLITE- Black Earth Zeolite is in the liquid form to guarantee maximum absorption and assimilation. Zeolite is a potent cleanser that supports deep cellular metabolism and removal of wastes. Zeolite also supports a healthy inflammatory response and healthy intestinal barrier integrity.
  • CONTAINS FULVIC ACID - Black Earth Minerals is composed of both both humic acid and the higher molecular-weight humate fulvic acid. Fulvic Acid is a super charged mineral blend found in Humic Acid, with unique health benefits.
  • CONTAINS TRACE MINERALS - Trace minerals are incredibly important minerals that our bodies require small amounts of to maintain healthy biologic functions.* Humic acid is an important mineral compound consisting of over 70 trace minerals.
  • PROMOTES ALKALINITY - An alkaline environment is important to maintain health and wellness. Modern diet, stress, and environmental toxins all force your body to work overtime to maintain your normal PH balance. Whole Earth Minerals will help your body maintain this range ensuring a healthy pH balance.*
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Only PREMIUM humic acid deposits are used in our products to ensure the highest levels of Humic Fulvic Acids are present. No filler minerals are added to change the ph range. We do not use any harsh solvents in the process All of our products are tested to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or mitigate disease. Please see your qualified health practitioner if you have or suspect a health condition.