Organic Candle Set- 4 Oz

Organic Candle Set- 4 Oz

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2 mini candles - 4 oz

 •Candle burn-time of 3-5 DAYS each

•All items are 100%, natural scents. Non-toxic and have handpicked selenite crystals with dried flowers.Candle is made with organic soy- all up to European standards 

scents include:

    • Bailey- Let the scent of this candle whisk you away with its warm, and playful forest notes. Woody amber, sandalwood rose, and sparkling powder contrast perfectly with the gentle, feminine notes of fresh blossoms. Bright, and lively with just the right touch of softness, this scent makes for a lovely fragrance in any room of the home.
  • Bougee-Our new yuzu and lily candle is fit for every occasion and fill any room with the fresh citrus top notes as it trickles down an exotic heart of jungle fruits & flowers over a sweet heart of sugary musks. With a delicate heart of white lily & rose compliments the sensual base notes of amber & musk. This one of a kind scent will leave you constantly searching for one just like it.
  • Tina-Mahogany Teakwood and Bamboo Coconut is our best selling candle. While mahogany teakwood fresh green florals elevated with lily, juicy fruits, and a heart of jasmine. The bamboo coconut overflows with lushness of green coconut and fresh leaves. This soothing blend has a luxurious softness that is reminiscent of a spa, or a tranquil forest.