Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin
Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin

Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bin

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Our Bizzy Bins are curated by theme to allow for hours of play. Sensory + Bizzy Bins also include TWO manipulative doughs or modeling sand. Doughs and modeling mediums are all handmade by myself with minimal additive ingredients for maximum safety. It's the combination of a busy bin and sensory bin, all-in-one! 

🥰This listing is for a subscription option, please read subscription details. Subscription charges are run in the 1st day of the month. You have access to edit your subscription, pause or change at any time!! 

📦 Pickup: please use code “PICKUP” at checkout **PLEASE do not use any other discount codes on sensory bins!**

April: Garden 
The bin comes with
-bug container
-2 terracotta pots
-paint and brush
-door hanger “grow with Jesus” sunflower
-Stem windup butterfly
-laminated scene setter for dough
-2 homemade play doughs
-assorted bugs
-metal flower cookie cutter
-assorted flowers/greenery
-laminated memory verse card
-curated Spotify playlist

May: Sea 

We are the FIRST faith based kids sensory subscription! 

Sensory play develops fine motor skills, promotes sensory development and fosters imaginative play!

Sensory + Bizzy Bins include:

  • Laminated dough scene setter
  • TWO doughs/sensory sand (one scented with KidSafe, organic essential oils)
  • Themed characters or animals for imaginative play
  • Tactile shapes and items to build with (blocks, building bricks)
  • Fine motor items like colored rice, small pom poms, beads (*small items require added supervision)
  • Gems that sparkle, squishy shapes, items to sort

Ultimate Sensory + Bizzy Bins also include a creative activity or craft project that is theme specific and a memory verse card!

*supervision required with small items. Subscriptions include a discount, leftover bins will be posted for individual sale at a higher price point - we love to reward loyalty! Subscriptions are run automatically, be sure to add our email address to your contacts so you do not miss upcoming charge reminders. 

Why don't we ship in compartmentalized plastic bins like some other companies?

The sorted compartmentalized bins look cool before you purchase but after you open them, they are essentially wasted plastic. With most sensory bins, the combined items are timely to sort back into the small little compartments. As a mama, it's just not user-friendly or realistic to try to put each little item back into little compartments. Just put a lid on it! 

I ship in a clamshell style corrugated box, the box CAN store all the items after play but if you prefer you can place your items in a plastic bin with a lid. It's cheaper for you to purchase your own instead of me shipping them with your items - shop smarter! All doughs and modeling sands are sent in resealable containers with lids to keep them fresh!